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Let's get you that dream home! 

To find buyers their dream property, Mamta listens closely to determine her clients’ goals and then partners with them to create a winning strategy.  Utilizing her significant community knowledge, she analyzes real estate trends, researching both established and up-and-coming areas to present the most lucrative housing and commercial options to her clients.


Mamta will find you the right property, negotiate the offer on your behalf and write up contracts safeguarding your interests. With an established network of real estate professionals at her disposal, from mortgage brokers and real estate attorneys to inspectors and beyond, all client needs will be met with quality and meticulous attention to detail. 

The Purchase Process.

When you choose Mamta to represent you, You'll have someone by your side every step of the way, giving you the insights and information you need to have confidence in your decision.

1 - Share Your Requirements

Mamta will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals, and to plan your property search.

3 - Poperty Tours

Mamta will show you properties that meet your criteria, keep you informed of new properties that come on the market, and work with  you until you find the right home.

5 - Negotiate the Contract 

Mamta will safeguard your interests and negotiate the offer and contract  in your benefit.

7 - The Closing

Mamta will prepare you for closing, and the associated costs, always keeping you updated every step of the way.

2 - Pre-Approval

Utilizing her network of Mortgage Lenders, Mamta can help you get pre-approved and establish your budget.

4 - Making an Offer

In competitive markets, making compelling offers is critical. Mamta will leverage market insights and trends to help you determine the optimal offer to make.

6 - The Home Inspection

Expect  Mamta to fully facilitate the home inspection and resolution process ensuring your interests are protected..

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